Bee Blocks for January

3×6 Sampler Bee – Hive 7 – Quarter 4

For my 3×6 Block I decided to to go with a chevron style block.  I decided to use this tutorial Half Square Triangles to create my half square triangles and I definitely had a harder time piecing this together… I think I am going to stick to the traditional way of creating hst.  I love the way they came out.

6x3 hive 7
6x3 hive 7
6x3 hive 7
3x6 block
3x6 block

4×5 Modern Quilt Bee- Hive 15- Quarter 4

For this Bee I decided to be a little ambitious. It is made out of 36 half square triangles.  I had so much fun picking fabrics to give these blocks the scrappy look I wanted.  These blocks are awesome!!!

4x5 block for Amy!
4x5 Elaine's block
4x5 block
4x5 hive 15
For Megan hive 15 4x5

Orange You Glad Bee – Hive B

Carolyn wanted a spider-web block using a collection on 1.5 inch strips.  The tutorial that she wanted her block based on was from House of A la Mode .  Its a tutorial that doesn’t use foundation piecing.  I have tried the foundation technique from Elizabeth Hartman – on sew mama sew and totally confused myself when making this block.  Don’t ya love when you decide you KNOW that to do instead of reading the entire tutorial. HAHAHA. Well anyway I definitely prefer the House of A la Mode technique.  I find the seams when putting the blocks together will be a lot less bulky and hard to sew.

OHHHHH you want to see the block?  You don’t want to listing to me ramble?

Spider web block

Neutral or Not Bee

For this Bee Stephanie wanted a tree and branchs, with a silhouette of a bird. I decided I wanted to have a tree off to the side instead of centered… and a bird flying to the branch.  This block was fun to come up with the concept… I did panic with the application of the bird… so decided to send the bird separately to Stephanie.

Neutral or not

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  1. Very pretty blocks! I didn’t know you had this blog! I stumbled into it by accident! I love your braided star tutorial, too. Very nice, lots of pretty things to see on your blog!

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