A color blog series: GREY

Are you guys keeping up with the year-long Color blog Series hosted by Michelle Wilkie over at Factotum of Arts? If you aren’t you should totally check it out.

Michelle is one of my favorite quilt artists.  She is always creating such beautiful inspiring quilts so I was so honored to when she asked me to be a part of this year long color series. I was torn between Grey and Yellow but ultimately I decided I had more to say about Grey.

BONUS that my QFF(Quilty Friend Forever) Nicole from Modern Handcraft picked the same color as I did!   Nicole focuses on how to use grey in her home decor projects and how different shades of grey can impact a design.  She has such incredible taste and I always love her fabric choices and design esthetic.  So make sure you go there next!


I have always been inspired by black and white photography.  A monochrome photograph lets you focus on form, texture, and shape.  I came across this article by David Geffin on black and white photography and I can relate to it on so many levels.  In both my photography life and my quilty life.  Seeing the light, losing the distraction, the amplification of negative space… are all incredible reasons to explore designing in monotone. 


kcotymq_nydia-kehnleHere is my design for Robert Kaufman Color of the Year 2016 Special Exhibit.  I was excited when I received my pre-chosen selection of fabrics from Robert Kaufman because they wanted me to work exclusively in grey and the color highlight.  I was really able to focus on using value to create movement and illusion.  







My new Dimension quilt pattern, will be releasing before the New Year, was first designed exclusively in greyscale before I created my full size quilt in color. Planning in greyscale helps me focus on creating an effective design without being distracted by all the fabric and color options available.


I love how depending on value placement I see dimensional pyramids and other times I see hallways that never end.  


Another version, stitched by my awesome pattern tester Wendy Bermingham on Instagram.  Didn’t she do a wonderful job?  

The fabric selections for this version are included with the pattern along with 7 other versions.  











I am really impressed with Alison Glass’s new fabric line Seventy Six.  I love that the line includes such a broad range of grays while also keeping to her signature bright and juicy color palette.  You can see them here.



Celestial Quilt Pattern

I have been working on remaking my Celestial quilt using all of Alison Glass’s Seventy Six and Insignia, I chose to use Kona Medium Grey which I think was the perfect grey to compliment such saturated colors.









Do you have a favorite grey fabric?   What inspires you?

Don’t forget to head on over to Nicole’s blog for more Grey inspiration 🙂

Here is the lineup of awesome designers incase you are just joining us now!  I hope you enjoy the posts as much as I did!









Melanie Tuazon



Daisy Aschehoug



Anne Sullivan



Heather Jones



Sandi Sawa Hazlewood





Alyce Blyth



Christa Watson



Katarina Roccella



Nicole Daksiewicz

Nydia Kehnle YOU ARE HERE



Nancy Purvis

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