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Coloring with Thread Book Showcase

Coloring with Thread Book Showcase

Photos courtesy of The Quilting Company 

I am so excited to share with you a project that I stitched up almost a year ago for the talented Tula Pink.  I have always appreciated her beautiful artwork and jumped at that chance to be able to work with her designs.



Coloring with Thread has 17 designs, plus stitch instructions & color suggestions for each design.  I think its awesome that the book includes a CD of the designs.  I personally prefer to print on Pellon Stick-N-Washaway Stabilizer or Sulky Fabric-Solvy.  It saves so much time to transfer the artwork and as weird as it sounds, I love to wash this magical stuff out and see the beautiful piece left behind.




Photos courtesy of The Quilting Company  Octopus Embroidery stitched by Nichole Vogelsinger

I stitched the up the fun flowerbee and I would have to say that my favorite part to stitch were those teeny tiny leaves on the wings. Aren’t they adorable?  I also enjoyed being able to make so many french knots!  French knots are funny you either love them or hate them.  I used to hate them, but once I figured out that I was using the wrong needle to form them… OHHHH MAN… it became a celebrated stitch!  FYI… MILLINERS NEEDLES FOR FRENCH KNOTS!!!!  I use the size #3 Milliners for work with Embroidery thread.



I decided to frame my embroidery, using a  square frame I picked up from target.    I prefer to frame without glass because I want the texture to really shine and  glare can really take away from a piece.

I thought that I would share with you all how simple it is to frame!  So I took some quick shots for you to follow along.   If the frame has a board you do not need to create your own using foam core like I did.  Also all frames are different, so while foamcore worked for my frame it may be too thick for yours, but any cardboard will do.  Cut up an amazon box… I know you have many…



 Separate the pieces, I discarded my glass.








Use the back of the frame as a stencil to cut foam board.

Cut foam board with a rotary cutter or straight box cutter.






Make sure the foam fits back into the frame… I took a tiny bit extra off to allow for the fabric that will be wrapped around.

Press your fabric from the back to remove any wrinkles.






Lay your embroidery face down.  Lay the foam board on top and make sure your embroidery is properly centered.

Take one side and tightly fold over board fixing it with any tape.  Do the same for the opposite side and continue to the top and bottom.



Once you are satisfied with alignment and have all sides taped down pop it back into the fame and install the frame back.

SO EASY RIGHT?  Now Just hang and you are good to go!






I can’t wait to see which embroidery design you decide to work with first!

I will be checking out these tags on Instagram @Nydiak



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