Feathers QAL – Blocks E and F

How is everyone doing on their feathers quilt?  It seems like everything is going well because we have some of the most beautiful quilts and progress shots showing up in the pool… both Instagram and Flickr.  Tonight I sat down to write this post and NATURALLY decided to attempt something super fantastic… instead of actually writing the blog post…YOU WANNA SEE???  (This isn’t called the ADD-Crafter for nothing) Somedays I feel like a wordpress Ninja. Today is one of those days.  Well I would post the link right here, _____ but I want you to read my whole post so I am going to put it at the end. 🙂  Hurry… scroll to the bottom. 

Ok Blocks E and F are really straight forward especially if you already have done A-D… so I am not going to bore you with the how-to … you all seem to have it under control.  I will however be posting a tutorial regarding my most favorite blocks (to look at but not to do) … I and J. Karen will be sharing some pointers for L and K… which I think I used my seam ripper the most on.   If you have any questions don’t hesitate to shout out @nydiak or @quiltingfairy on IG or post on the Flickr group discussions… even if you are ahead of the game.

Did you guys want to see the finished Robert Kaufman quilt I was working on? It was quilted by Angela Walter.  SWOON.  I don’t get to keep it… boo, but I love it as if it was my own.


Feathers quilt


Back to my Ninja skillz…. I really wanted a way to show you all how super fantastic you all are at quilting these feather quilts.  I have now set up a gallery on the Feathers QAL  page.  The instagram gallery will feed all #feathersqal and display 30 random photos, While the Flickr gallery is feeding from Alison Glass Fabric & Projects Group Pool.

Thanks again to our amazing sponsors!!!

pinkcastle_square2aurifil-logo1robert Kaufman




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  1. This quilt is wonderful: The colors and the quilting are perfect. Thank you for showing the quilting and giving ideas for our own quilting. I was already thinking how I could do it and now I have some ideas. Are you really sure that you want to give the quilt away?

  2. I have totally missed this to family medical issues although I had signed up for it. I think this is the first emil I have seen.
    Am I able to go back and start this when time allows? Greta

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