Feathers QAL- J & I

11:11 Make a wish.  Just sayin’… I don’t know why I procrastinate sitting down to blog.  Oh wait I know… I procrastinate just about everything I am supposed to do 🙂


Well whatever… My kids have been home for 2 days… kinda sick?  You know when they feel lousy in the AM and you feel so bad… and then as soon as they hear the bus roll by they are bouncing off the walls… Ok maybe that’s a little dramatic.  But today that is pretty close to the truth.

Ok so we are up to the ever so fabulous I and J.  These take what seems to be like forever to make… but they are so adorable and so worth doing.



I can’t tell you how many automatic pilot mistakes I make when starting this block. I pretty much always grab the triangle piece on the first one… and then have to seam rip it.  Just do the stripes on both pieces.  Trim them nice and neatly when your done.  It should look like number 1 below.

123GLUEI use a few dots of elmers glue for this part.  I am still not fantastic at being precise but this has helped me soooo much.  Tiny little dabs.  I then line the top corner of the sash piece to the template  and carefully line it all up.  I let it dry… which is a good time to work on another one… and then sew.  Press… and I put glue on the sashing this time.  I will lay the second piece on top.  To make sure I keep these blocks level I make sure that the top and bottom of the paper is matched up nicely.  In #3… Its not lined up very well on the sashing side… but you see on the bottom how nicely the 2 papers match?  That’s what you want. DRY… Sew… Press… trim if you need to.

linesThe paper seam allowances that are on the inside back should be touching. Now you add the triangle top and bottom pieces… You may feel nervous that on the back there is a gap between the lines… Its OK just stay straight.  I promise it will be Okay.  Press.



For trimming of this block, line up you 1/4inch using the ruler and trim the paper and the fabric sash that isn’t needed.  BOOM.  its like that!  I totally didn’t take a picture of my adorable I and J blocks I am so sorry. That’s totally lame…


I finished my inverted feathers using In the beginning solids Modern II collection.  I am so happy with it; its so silky soft. I did modify the pattern by adding a top and bottom sash. I dig it.  I can’t wait to have it quilted 🙂

You guys are rocking with the progress by the way… I am so amazed at the beauty popping up #feathersqal and in flickr.  We have a few finishes already!!!  I am so proud of all the “new to paper piecing folks” that are kickin butt!!!   How is everything working out for you? Karen and I would love to know… any issues or advice you would like to share let us know!!! I love hearing everyone’s ideas.  She also posted about G and H… which I forgot to remind everyone… so sorry about that. If you missed G and H go visit Karen… and tomorrow I will edit the few links and make sure everything is current.


Thanks again to our amazing sponsors!!!

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  1. Wow your quilt top is beauuuutiful! And thanks for the tips on I&J. I was doing mine slightly the same, but slightly different and your way is much better thanks! Also, do you think a glue stick would work the same as the Elmer’s?

  2. I’m still working my way through the J blocks and it’s not fun. For some reason, I find that I have to offset my sides by about an 1/8th” for the feathers to line up. And for some weird reason, my center sash is not always centered…? Weird. But hey, I have too many of them to do to do them over again. I seam ripped enough already 😉

  3. Thanks for the tips. I’m still having problems with getting my blocks to line up. My first block was actually too narrow in the joining sashing, and my lines didn’t quite line up. I’ve only done one so far, so I’m going to try to take it slower with the next one.

  4. Thank you so much for the tips on these blocks! I tried putting together my first J block and the middle sashing piece came out all wonky and too small. After ripping the seams I turned to the internet for help (surely I couldn’t be the only one haha). A little bit of fabric glue stick really did the trick.

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