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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.  Yesterday I had a nice cozy day in because of the lovely snow.  I stopped measuring after it hit 17 inches (of fresh snow) at about 2 PM.  Not to mention the foot or so that was already there.  My best friend whom used to live next door now lives outside Houston, TX… She thinks it’s funny to send me photos of people eating lunch outside and her little iPhone ap that says its 60 degrees and sunny… Its only funny when I do stuff like that #justsayin.  My husband got a hotel to weather the storm next to his office. His commute to work is about an  hr 15 mins… and I just stress when the weathers bad, so I was so happy to hear that his company got him a room for the night.  This also meant I can leave my house the mess that it is… until tomorrow.


So we are on the last set of Blocks!!! How awesome is that!?  M and N seem to drag for me. Maybe it’s because they are longer and I know I am soooo close to finishing.  But they are simple. N is just an extended version of A.

Just a reminder when taping the template together you want to overlap the line.  You are not trying to match up the symbols. The symbols are just there as markers.  Use a window or a light box and overlap and tape. Done. Easy pea’sy.

Using M and N
Using M and N


I just boxed and shipped my quilt to get quilted and am pretty psyched to see the result.  Alissa Haight Carlton’s Modern Solids 2 are so soft and lovely.  I am also going to use quilter’s dream cotton batting.  The combo of the 2 will make it sooooo super soft and yummy.

How are you all doing on your quilts? I would love to hear about your progress. Are you loving it?  Will you make another?  Paper Piecing Love/Hate?  I would really love your opinion about the pattern.  It really is very special for me to see that a pattern I worked really hard on (with Alison Glass of coarse) be turned into so many different looks and thoughts and perspectives.  Your quilts are rocking… I can’t wait until next week when I post the link up for our finished quilt tops…. and then after that prize announcements… but really the prize is… YAY you finished a quilt top.


Thanks again to our amazing sponsors!!!

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  1. Are you saying to overlap the seam allowance line at the end of the first half piece? I caught this last night and decided my K & L blocks are overly long because I left that section in.

    • You want to overlap the bottom piece correct. If u made the error in l and k you can fix the block size by trimming an 1/8 off the top and bottom of each it shouldn’t be very noticeable. Are ur templates still on paper? Sometimes when if you have a little bubbling on l and k once you peel the paper off the block essentially gets a little bigger. It happened on a few of my blocks when I first made feathers. I hope this helps. Let me know if you need anymore advice on it.

  2. Hi Nydia – I love the pattern – I can’t believe I am making something so cool looking. It is a lot of work – but soooo worth it. I am not sure I would make the whole quilt again for a while – but I definitely am going to make a pillow using the I/J block – I love how that one looks finished. Thanks again for the QAL… so great!

  3. Let’s put it this way- I never buy patterns or do “pattern” quilt, yet I bought yours and I’m doing it. So yes I love it- great pattern. The quilt top is done and I’m on my way to finishing the back. Ps my cousin lives in Florida and sends me warm weather pics all the time- especially when it’s -35 out here. She thinks it’s funny too.

  4. I loved the pattern! I’m actually pondering another since my AMH Field Study one is done. I backed it in a fleece blanket instead of batting and backing. It’s so lusciously smooshy.

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