Sugar Skull Face Painting – Tutorial

In honor of the Dia de los Muertos, celebrated November 1-2, 2011,  I decided to share a quick tutorial on how to do a simple one on a child.

1. Start off with the base color by painting the child’s face all white.

Be sure to let the paint dry before moving to the next step

2.  Paint dark purple (or any dark color) around the eyes.  Take another color and create the “flower” design around the circle.  Keep in mind that I purposely, mixed the pink with a little purple as I went so the color had more depth.

Feel free to pick any bright color for this. I just chose purple and pink

3. On the forehead, paint a spider shape design.  Also, you can add your own flair with spiders, shapes, and swirls.  Paint the nose black as pictured.

You can also fill in the entire nose with black in a shape similar to an upside down heart.

4. Add a flower to the chin in a different bright color.

5. Add rhinestones to the “Flower pedals” around the eye. You can use eyelash glue to keep them in place.  Rhinestones can be purchased here.

6. Draw a line starting from the corner of each side of the mouth, following the jaw line,  then draw vertical stripes on the lips.

7. Hot glue clips onto fake flowers to attach to the hair to add drama to the  final look

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